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阿雷蒙 卡扣

DB Fasteners has been in the business of providing exceptional customer service for more than 50 years. With offices in North America and Asia, our expert teams provide customized solutions to all your fastening challenges. DB Fasteners has specialized products for such safety critical industries as railway, mining, automotive, construction, medical devices and many other manufacturing applications.


In today's competitive and fast-paced business environment, global procurement plays a critical role in corporate sourcing strategies. But navigating the inevitably choppy waters of mystifying foreign regulations, unfamiliar customs procedures, time zone differences and complex logistics can be very intimidating. At DB Fasteners we understand these challenges, and that's why we've implemented a suite of global sourcing services to help you reduce costs by combining the advantages of North America, European and Asia Pacific manufactured products to increase your competitiveness. A one-stop-shop, our expert local teams partner with you to provide you with the right products for the job.


DB Fasteners is proud to represent global brands such as A.Raymond-Tinnerman, AVK, Rotor Clip, Huck, Gripnail, Nordlock and a host of other quality fastening manufacturers.  These products, combined with DB Fasteners delivery options, installation training, tooling rentals and maintenance, and other services help you reduce risk and waste, and maximize efficiency. 


If it’s fastening you need, DB Fasteners can help you make the right connections, so contact us today .


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What DB Fasteners can provide.

We strive to give each of our customers exceptional products and exceptional service. Our knowledgeable staff can provide you the information about the fasteners you need and how to use them correctly. We distribute A.Raymond-Tinnerman, AVK, Caplugs, Rotor Clip, Nord-lock, Huck and a host of other products. In addition, DB Fasteners suppliers installation tooling and we can service and rent the tools for these products. Try us! You'll discover that we really do care about helping you get the right part quickly.

For applications where a nut and bolt isn't good enough.

Training in correct product selection, proper installation and safety&maintenance.

Service on-site, online