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Service for Customers

The core benefits of all our services are rooted in adding value:

  • Your Production department will value our technical knowledge in assisting them to use our products correctly.

  • Your Purchasing team will value our flexibility using safety stock or blanket PO’s to manage lead times and delivery schedules.

  • Your Receiving department will value our willingness to customize packaging and labels to better mesh with your assembly line requirements.


Just look at how we solve problems…


Problem Scenario: 

In the fastener industry it’s not unusual for a fastener manufacturer to want a large MOQ and an 8 week lead time to produce parts.  But some Customers can’t order until they win a project or get a PO their customer -  and then need immediate shipping and smaller volumes depending on their BOM for the machines that they sold. 

Our Solution:

DB Fasteners holds over $1,000,000 USD in inventory and does accurate demand forecasting to allow both suppliers and customers to efficiently run their businesses.

Problem Scenario: In the Structural Bolting industry the installers of structural bolts have to purchase a) the fasteners, b) the DTI washers, c) the tooling necessary to install the fasteners and d) on site testing equipment for inspection purposes. 

Our Solution:

DB Fasteners can supply all of the above-mentioned components to the job site including training on proper installation and safety procedures.